Our services

Event Services

ILCC offers an end-to-end event management service which we believe is one of the most cost effective options for staging your own seminar, company introductory or learning session in Latvia or Ireland

Benefits include:

    • Arrangement of venue and catering for a lunchtime or evening event
    • Administrative support and RSVP management
    • Promotion and branding of your event to the extensive Chamber database
    • Personnel support on the day to greet and introduce guests
    • Worry free access to your guests – so that business can be done.
  • For member and non-member pricing please contact events@icham.lv

Business Matching Service

A key value of joining the Irish Latvian Chamber of Commerce is meeting potential clients, contacts and business leads. This is likely to happen whenever you attend one of ILCC’s many professional business events.

ILCC has been the link or introducer between Latvian companies and individuals commencing, expanding or diversifying their business interests in Ireland and Irish companies in Latvia. With our diverse membership database from all major industry, we can help both country businesses and individuals seek potential partners in Latvia and Ireland

In 2017, ILCC formalised a more targeted approach: a Business Matching Service aimed at Latvian companies or individuals who are ready to make the move into Ireland but seek general as well as specific industry knowledge.

The approach we take is to:

    • Understand your business requirements
    • Identify potential partners
    • Confirm business interests
  • Connect you to partners

ILCC’s Business Matching Service is a tailored approach to ensure the best matches are made for your business. The programme requires completion of a standard application form followed by an interview with our Board Member. ILCC will use its extensive knowledge, experience and database to provide you with a service report of local industry information and summary of the matches, with up to three introductions to individuals or businesses within four weeks after your application has been accepted and confirmed by our Board Member.

ILCC Business Centre

ILCC Riga office is centrally-located on 14 Lāčplēša Street.  It is ideal for meetings, presentations, and more.

Available at member and non-member rates, ILCC in Riga offers

    • Internet/wifi access
    • Flipchart
    • Room for up to 8 people
    • Tea & coffee provisions
    • Easy-to-access location by public transport
  • Translation services

For booking enquiries, contact Ilze Kreslina at chamber@icham.lv

Business Events and Delegations

ILCC offers both Latvian and Irish enterprises the opportunity to join trade events and business delegations, as an active and more efficient way to promote their products and services in both countries.

Small and medium sized enterprises, interested in conducting business in Ireland and in Latvia, are provided continued assistance while exploring business opportunities in both countries.

Our services include:

    • Organization of economic and trade missions in Latvia and in Ireland
    • One on one meetings
    • Meeting arrangements for business partners
    • Participation in trade fairs both in Latvia and in Ireland
    • Promotion of Irish products and services during selected ILCC events
    • Workshops on investment opportunities
    • Promotion of cultural events
  • Presentations and conferences on business related issues, products and services

Marketing and business services

Marketing and business services are provided to ensure a better understanding and a deeper knowledge of the Latvian and the Irish markets. Our assistance aims at finding foreign partners, providing valuable contacts and thorough information on business and trade related issues.

Our services include:

    • Information on custom rules and regulations
    • Lists of business contacts
    • Identification of business partners, agents and distributors
    • Company business profiles and reports
    • Market research and reports
    • Direct marketing
    • Consulting services and assistance in establishing a business in Latvia and in Ireland
    • Assistance for companies’ internationalization
    • Translation services
  • Video conferencing services